Better kitesurfers have more fun! What better way to do it than in a kitesurf camp with more people like you, who want to progress and have a 100% kite experience in exceptional places. Each kitesurf camp has its own characteristics. The spot, the type of accommodation and the activities that we have scheduled will vary from one to the other. What you will find in each of them is a lot of kitesurfing, motivated people and a lot of fun. We have created these packages for specialized agencies and kitesurfing professionals, using all our know-how and our contacts to ensure maximum quality and personalized follow-up within the groups.


Everyone would like to improve their level of kitesurfing alongside a pro rider. That is why we have created together with the TheKiteMag two incredible weeks on Brazilian lands, so visit their page or contact us to find out all the details about those exceptional’ adventures.

If you want to share an intense week of kitesurfing full of adventures and in a group, you are going to have fun like never before in the camps that we have organized along the coast. Check all the information on Your Heaven Trip’s page.

If you still cannot find what you are looking for, contact us so that we can organize your personalized kitesurf camp in Brazil, we are waiting for you.