There are many factors that come into account when learning to kitesurf, such as whether you have practiced in other sliding sports, your physical condition and motivation.

In principle, the goal of every school is to make you be on the board with the kite in three days, the beginning of sensations. It will take several more days of training to get to and from the same point or make transitions, but in a good week you will surely get it.

This discipline is not made for beginners. You have to know how to handle the kite very well to relaunch it and create power if necessary, know how to sail parallel to the coast and with the kite in the direction of the wind without any problem. In addition, you will have to be in good physical shape and have good material, since the downwinds usually last several hours.

The windy season is from July to January, with the strongest winds between the months of September and November. Check weather conditions here.

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For international travelers, medical insurance is mandatory since 2020 and must cover medical expenses during the entire stay in the country. This must be contracted within 48 hours after making the deposit for the trip. For the peace of mind of the traveler, other insurance can be added, such as travel or accidents.
For national travelers, no type of insurance is necessary, although depending on the activities carried out, it is recommended.