The sea and the wind are great material for having fun, then you just have to choose which toys to use depending on the conditions and jump into the water.
Each spot has its own particularities, and not all of them are suitable for all sports, either due to the lack of infrastructure or the lack of conditions.


The first ones to arrive on the coast were the surfers, we can find some good waves in the Northeast, but they tend to not get along very well with the windy season. You can take advantage of them early in the morning or simply go to more favourable destinations further south like Pipa, São Miguel do Gostoso or Fernando de Noronha.


Then it was the windsurfers, in the 60’s, when they discovered towns like Jericoacoara or Icaraizinho and decided to settle there. Its strong winds and waves were and still are a perfect playground, added to the natural and unique environment of the region.


Now, with the arrival of foiling, it seems that we will never stop having fun, as its low resistance to water allows us to sail even in light winds. There are more and more schools teaching this discipline, although they are not yet widespread, it may only be a matter of time.


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