Barra Grande



When a group of kitesurfers discovered this spot at the beginning of the century, they found only a few families growing cashew nuts and enjoying fishing. It used to be a place far from everything and difficult to access, today it is recognized as one of the best kitesurfing spots of Brazil.

This village is part of the Ruta das Emoções, being an example of sustainable tourism development, where travellers from around the world enjoy its gastronomy, nature and excellent kite conditions.



To enjoy nature, start with Barra Grande. Its sandy streets, its tropical vegetation and natural pools will make each one feel in another world.

Nearby in the delta of Cajueiro da Praia, take a kayak excursion to discover manatees, a protected species present in very few regions of the world.

Further away, another much better-known delta can be found, the Delta do Parnaíba. An excursion only possible by boat where discovering all the flora and fauna of the largest delta in the Americas makes it an unforgettable and unreplaceable activity.



The sediments of the deltas that surround Barra Grande have made its beach an incredible place for its calm and shallow waters. A magical spot with waves of up to two meters appears when entering further into the ocean.

To enjoy really flat waters, go to Lagoa do Mangue, a quiet spot, separated from the swollen ocean by a tongue of sand bordered by mangroves.

A bit further, there is Macapá, a delta where everyone can choose between entering the river, or staying in the shallow water area near the beach, a fabulous natural landscape.



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